am a licensed architect.

have a passion for design.

am a fan of great places.

love snapping photos.

get excited when I garden.

travel as much as I can.





Working in other architectural practices for 8+ years as an architect, graphic designer and urban planner I began my own workflow in 2014 to hone new skills and passions in architecture, as well as become more involved in nonprofit activities in Buffalo, NY.

I am stirred with an entrepreneurial spirit and devoted to revitalize neighborhoods with an emphasis on design. I am inspired by Buffalo's rich architectural and urban history, along with great places I have experienced worldwide. As an architect I am pursuing design projects and exploring how they can come to fruition by taking advantage of advanced building scanning visualization, digital fabrication methods, collectible environmental data, and real estate development to affect the design process in more robust ways. I launched Arch&Type in 2016 as a platform for this work.

In tandem with starting a design and development practice, I am a board member of the Allentown Association and ex-officio member of Vision Niagara, two nonprofit organizations active in Buffalo, NY. Both groups harness collective energies to better the urban districts they serve and I am excited to focus on underutilized contemporary design methodologies and urban strategies to benefit these places.

Life is a work in progress but excited to solve some of the problems that bother me daily!